Tunisia beat Zambia in the African Nations

Tunis vs zambie

Approached the Tunisian team to qualify to the second round of the African Cup of Nations soccer currently held Equatorial Guinea came from behind after heart zero / one in front of his Zambian counterpart to precious 2/1 win in the second round of Group B matches on Thursday.He was elected Zambian is the best party most of the game and competed for the players in wasted easy opportunities in light shine impressively from Aymen Mathlouthi goalkeeper Tunisian team which increased valiantly for his goal in more than one occasion, at a time when the Tunisian team turn the tables in the final third hour.And the continued suffering of the Tunisian team of refereeing errors in the championship game after condoned Guinean Bangoura Mario rule for calculating the penalty kicks and distinct for the Carthage Eagles.Emmanuel Mayuka and progress in the professional ranks of Southampton in the interest of Zambia in the 59th minute, while Ahmed Akaïchi scored the equalizer for the Tunisian national team in the 70th minute.At a time when everyone is prepared to match ended in a draw, the star Yassine Chikhaoui scored the winning goal precious Tunisian national team in 88 minutes to revive the hopes of the Tunisian team to qualify for the quarter-finals.The stock rose Tunisia that lead to four points sits on top of the group before meeting with Cape Verde Democratic Republic of Congo in later in the day, while the balance under the Zambian national team at one point in last place.The wisest Tunisian team with this win, held on Zambia in the tournament after he won his third on the team, copper bullets in the history of meetings of elected Nations in Africa, compared with two draws, while the Zambian team was unable to achieve any victory over his Tunisian counterpart in the African Nations Championships.The Tunisian team inflicted the first defeat for the Zambian team in the tournament after he keeps unbeaten in 12 consecutive games in the last three editions of the tournament.Suffice Tunisian team tie with Democratic elected Congo on Monday in the third round and the last group to qualify without regard to the result of the other match which will be played at the same time between the teams Zambia and Cape Verde.

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