Numbers .. Real Madrid the best in the historic 2014 margin

Real Madrid won the Spanish club to first place in 2014 in the classification of the International Union of statistics and the history of football, which start in 1991.

Club Official Site of the Spanish capital and spread the news, stressing that the club class as the best team in the world last year, a record number, not preceded by one, where he became the first team in the world of difference between him and the runner-up more than 100 points.

Real Madrid and won the (381 points) in the first place, and came in second place club Bayern Munich score (276 points), and in third place the other Spanish capital Atletico Madrid team came score (267 points), and in fourth place Barcelona with (251 point).

The Club Atletico Nacional best South American continent teams arrangement, and completed the clubs Juventus and Napoli Italian, English and Arsenal, and River Plate of Argentina, and Salzburg list of the ten best clubs in the world for 2014.

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