Japan warriors approached qualify

The Japanese team continued to successfully defend his title in the Asian Cup 2015 trip currently held in Australia and the team won their second consecutive win in the tournament by beating his Iraqi counterpart, 1 / zero on Friday in the second round of Group D matches on the first floor of the championship.

The first half ended the progress of the Japanese team (samurai warriors) in order to clean his record of the star Keisuke Honda from the penalty spot in the 23rd minute.

In the second half, the performance of the Iraqi team improved but could not score the equalizer as stubborn luck Japanese team in more than one chance was enough to strengthen the tally of goals.

And raise Japan's defending champions tally to six points at the top of the group but did not ensure they qualify for the second round after the landslide victory of the Jordanian team 5-1 in a match today against the Palestinian team, where the Japanese team needs to break-even point in the match against Jordan to book their place in the quarter-finals regardless of as a result of the meeting between the Iraqi and Palestinian elected in the third round of group matches.

The Iraqi team stuck at three points in the third group on goal difference behind his Jordanian counterpart to become the need to win any result on Palestine in the last game and not Jordan's win over Japan.

The game began actively Offensive significantly from both teams, although the risk in the first few minutes in favor of the Japanese team.

The opportunity for the Japanese team to shake the net in the eighth minute after a corner kick played Yuto Nagatomo but Eiji Kawashima met the ball with a header out of the net under pressure from the Iraqi defense.

And repeated opportunity to Samurai warriors in the 11th minute after a serious attack and neat pass and the ball got them to Shinji Kagawa inside the area where the ball has created for himself, without the trouble of strong runners and shot but outside of the post.

And tried to respond as the Iraqi team play on a corner kick and Adnan Ahmed Khalaf offset powerful header saved by the goalkeeper in the Japanese government launched a whistle because of an error on the back after a payment of Japanese players before playing the ball with his head.

Minute and saw the 17 most dangerous opportunity since the beginning of the game when Dodge Nagatomo Iraqi defense then skillfully played high after a cross from the left was met Keisuke Honda highly motivated in front of the goal shaved direct a powerful header but the ball rebounded off the post to escape the Black Rivers of pride in their nets early.

The Japanese team has stepped up his attack, but luck unlucky in more than a chance to shine as a serious Iraqi goalkeeper saved his team more time aboard amid confusion is not justified in the Iraqi defense.

The resulting pressure Alabna for a penalty obtained by Honda in the 22 minutes following the obstruction of Ali Adnan within the region.

Honda and slotted the penalty himself to the left of the Iraqi goalkeeper to be a goal in the 23rd minute.

After the goal, the Iraqi team abandoned the defensive contraction began in progress to attack and put pressure on the Japanese defense in search of an equalizer Lions of Mesopotamia, where they were most enjoyed plenty of possession and better in the second half of the first half.

But the Iraqi team attacks lacked the required effectiveness did not pose a real risk to the Japanese goal except for one chance in the 43rd minute when he launched Amjad cost of the ball on the right, until he reached the side of the box and played a cross around Younis Mahmoud (incest) weak shot in the direction of the goal but the keeper making the ball brilliantly to end the half, the progress the Japanese team 1 / zero.

The Iraqi team has stepped up his attack at the beginning of the second half and form a real danger to the Japanese goal but luck unlucky in more than football.

And pay the coach Radhi Shenaishil coach the Iraqi national team youngster Justin Miram in 55 minutes instead of Younis Mahmoud after the great effort made by the assassin in the first half.

And had a serious chance to Lions of Mesopotamia in the 58th minute following a free kick played Ali Adnan of the Yemen and Yaser Kasim tried to turn it into the goal but the ball hit one of the players to Japan and came to a corner untapped well.

Luck and stubborn Japanese team again in the 65th minute after a quick attack on the track passed Kagawa cross the ball from the left side and offset Honda highly motivated in front of the goal shot flew directly but rebounded off the post to keep based on the hopes of Iraqis in an equalizer.

Marched performance for the remainder of the game on the same pace as mutual attack from both teams, but without scoring despite the presence of some serious opportunities for both.

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