Chinese dragon fire burns green Saudi killer time in Asia Cup

Saudi team missed opportunities that he had, to lose in front of the Chinese Dragon 1-0, in a game played between the two Sonkorb on the playground, in the first round of Group B Asian Cup to be hosted by Australia.

With this result, China and Uzbekistan leads the group with 3 points for both of them, while the left Saudi Arabia and North Korea without balance.

Scored the game's only goal Yu Hai in 81 minutes, after he missed Naif Hazazi chance progress Bahdarh a penalty kick in the 61st minute, and the Chinese team was the best in the first half, while the dominance of the green course of the second half .. This is the third defeat of the Arab teams in the tournament, after losing Kuwait 4-1 against Australia and Oman against South Korea 1-0.

Cosmin coach Green entered the meeting, he wanted to start a strong tournament, playing the way 4-2-3-1 progress Naif Hazazi .. alone did not change the way Alain Perrin coach of the Chinese national team for his rival, Jay Zaing progress in the foreground.

Attack from the outset was the slogan Stars Saudi team, to make an early goal relaxes the nerves, and adopted green attack on diversity, where Salem Al Dosari form a strong right-hand front with advanced from behind Said born .. and play Mustafa Al-Bassas the role of playmaker, taking advantage of individual skills in an attempt to breach of depth.

Numerical increase in the middle of the pitch imposed by both coaches, influenced the aesthetic performance of the two teams, and zero, the real risk to the two goals, to witness the middle real conflict between the elected area, and explained the nervous tension for everyone, which led to the erroneous passes, but they were not impressive.

Over time, the Chinese Dragon was able to strongly present in the front areas of the green, taking advantage of the attack of the parties, and send Occasional which Saudi defense successfully deal with them, while saliva Green attacks slow in the preparation and the absence of a numerical increase in the attack, where the presence of Hazazi alone in the arms of defenders, China, which is what made absolutely zero risk to throw Wang Dali.

Despite China's possession of the ball, but the Saudi team was able to control the events in the final minutes of the half, but Arziat Shahrani were not elaborate, and did not benefited Naif Hazazi who fluent in dealing with such balls .. and before the end of the half, two minutes, breaking through Wu Jie from the middle, but he shot just to the right in the most serious first half chances, which ended in a goalless draw.

The beginning of the second half did not witness any changes in the ranks of the two teams, and clarified Cosmin instructions between the two teams to Nawaf Al Abed, the need to be present in the attack to support Hazazi when possession, and already the Saudi team was dominated by things quite strongly attacked.

  With the liberation of the Saudi team of defensive roles belonged to completely take over, and in 61 minutes Naif Hazazi received a neat pass neat himself on impact, but Ren Hang tripped in the penalty area, and is calculated by a penalty kick, which Hazazi, whose shot is perfect, saved by goalkeeper Wang Dali to save his team from certain goal.

Wasted a penalty was not frustrating for Green, who performed improved dramatically after passed the ball more quickly, which made China coach being changed in 70 minutes, where pay Piang Zu instead of Johnmn but control continued to green and almost Salem Al Dosari to score but his shot was weak in the hands of the Chinese goalkeeper.

When they fail to be registered must put yourself receives a goal, this is what happened in the 81 minute direct kick from outside the penalty area, hit Yu Hai strongly collided with the wall and changed direction, and lived in the right corner of goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah scoring the first goal of China.

Cosmin conducted an aggressive change Order Balshlawi and monthly, rather than Besas and the generator, and tried to attack the Green Star strongly, but the minutes passed swiftly by the Chinese defense shine, to end the meeting victory of the Chinese dragon in order to clean.

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