Australia quartets end Omani dream in Asia Nations

Let the Omani team Asian Cup after losing to the host team Australia clean Qualifiers in the confrontation between the two teams Tuesday at the Sydney Stadium in the first set of meetings.

Scored goals Socceroos McKay and crossover and Milligan and Aoriuch, adding the Australian team 3 points and put him on top of the group with 6 points on goal difference from South Korea, at a time when the Omani Red balance under which no points, level with the Kuwaiti team to come out together in the first round.

Bo income for Le Guen confrontation defensive manner dependent way 5.4.1 to reduce the severity of the Australian team, which entered the meeting in a manner not in search of 4-3-3 only win, but in search of early qualification for the second round.

Socceroos revealed his intentions early and succeeded in imposing a blockade on strong players in the middle of Amman stadium through the movements of the shoulders and Tim Cross, and behind Longo and McKay.

Illustrated the strong desire of the Omani team in a positive outcome, whether win or tie, and turned red to secure a strong defense, relying on counter-attacks, taking advantage of the speed of the players and the movements of bilateral and Hosni Muqbali in forward which did not materialize.

Despite the defensive fortifications which entered the Oman team confrontation, remained crosses a large threat to the team in light of Excellence players beat Australia in the head.

27 minutes is a cross head elevated Australian defender Spiranovic above everyone prepares for the ball to McKay inside the penalty area which Oman directly footed shot into the net for the first goal, announcing the meeting.

Target contributed to the output defenders Oman for their focus, and only 4 minutes pass even managed to crossover from adding a second goal in the depth of penetration after a great pass from Longo.

Stop the Omani team does not helpless, not able to defend in front of the Australian attack, was not able to make one chance on goal rival amid complete lack of focus and the importance of the meeting, and the center of a complete failure of the three-center Kano and Khalidi and Persian.

Before the first half ends, the referee awarded a penalty kick properly meeting the Australian team to increase the position of ill after Milligan was able to translate a third goal in the "45 +3 minute."

Paul Le Guen tried to activate its ranks and save what can be saved through payment Amer Saeed and Hilal Al Busaidi, replace Alihusne.ord Posticocalo Bnglleren involvement Bresciano and Dujarric Cahill and Longo replaced.

Did not add the French Le Guen changes anything new on the performance of the Omani team that seemed to him as if he is trying not to increase the objectives of the center complete surrender, and suffice it to say goalkeeper Australian team was a guest of honor at the meeting, and was the team's performance is much less than the level that presented in the first game.

On the contrary, she said the new Posticocalo changes to the team's performance, and fast attack Mathew Leckie Scurry in the left front and the occasional play more than a brilliant alternative succeeded Aoriuch unattended inside the area in the box directly converted to Ali Al Habsi announcing the fourth goal in the 70th minute.

Australian team conducted a third change involving Tommy Oar instead of Leakey in 77 minutes, and a minute later rescued Ali Al Habsi conceded two goals from asserting Drepetta first head of Aoriuch and second Spiranovic.

Offensive performance of Oman improved by a simple meeting with the approach of the end, but remained improvement is enough to bring any new result in the meeting.

Le Guen pull Raed Ibrahim Salem and engaged on two minutes before the end, but the risk remained of the share of players in Australia and almost substitute Tommy Oar to add the fifth with a shot directly in the 90th minute, and the final minutes passed without a new rule announced until the final whistle.

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