5 things affect the outcome of the Madrid derby

Real Madrid away to Atletico Madrid, so go in the first knockout round of the King's Cup tournament, which holds title to the Royal Group, after the famous marathon goal scored by Gareth at the box Barcelona.
Real Madrid enter the meeting after the loss to Valencia, which stopped the victories of the 22 series, and made his record beautiful dream did not materialize, while Atletico Madrid plays the character of champions who regained his chances when he received two gifts in one day; from Valencia and Real Sociedad.

Here are five things directly affect the outcome of the Madrid derby:

- Vicente Calderon Stadium
Some may believe that the establishment of the meeting in the stronghold of Atletico Madrid is a positive thing when Real Madrid faces, but last season the contrary appears, Vhaml league title accustomed to beat opponent cunning counter-attack, and retreat to kill his opponents style of play.

Today, Atletico will be able to apply it, he demands to win the game because the meeting go, and that Real Madrid will give the receiver a chance to play counter-attacks and beatings, that he wanted to return a good result, but did not forget that this point has been a force in his last season.

- Rose Real Madrid did after fall
Real problem over recent years that it does not fall once, but fall times, and this case to make them lose the league title last season when they inflicted defeat Clasico defeat against Sevilla Andalusia, and they did it early this season against Atletico and Real Sociedad.

In the case of Real Madrid repeat this psychological fragility, it most likely will end up a loser in the meeting today, but if he can win at Real Sociedad, Barcelona will help him in better shape, has come back positive outcome.

- Barcelona match in the league
Replace Atletico Madrid are away to Barcelona next week, the game puts coach Diego Simeone in front of two choices; rest some of the pillars of the team for the league match, which may return a strong champion of the accounts, while betting on the ability of players to withstand the peaks in a row.

Continued Atletico Madrid this season to use 15 players frequently approach, which makes the possibility of playing some backup names today possible, because winning the trophy in front of it does not seem tempting to win the league title for the team holds the title of La Liga and runner Europe.
If Atletico pay Baanaatih ... will suffer in a meeting today!

- Real Madrid balance and shape of the attack
Valencia match showed the defect that fear Madridistas of the absence of Luka Modric, the existence of Isco and Jims beside Toni Kroos in midfield led to the offensive and defensive obvious problems, while resorting to Sami Khedira albeit of lower quality on the ball from Luka Modric gave the team a form consistent and improved performance but does not Valencia goalkeeper Diego Alves for the game ended in a draw.

In the case of Carlo Ancelotti returned to the same names that played against Valencia in the midfield, he pays the price of a new, where was the worst percentage passing the Royal team this season, and was clearly evident isolate Toni Kroos is brought to mind what was happening to Xabi Alonso before Luka Modric participate in midfield.

Another order certainly will affect the outcome of the meeting to the form Real Madrid attack, Re Cristiano Ronaldo to the left side were not a good idea at all, gymnast far from the goal, and his presence there isolate Benzema forced Gareth Bale to play alone in many times .. and return to the presence of attackers apparently but logically illogical indispensable after the good results achieved.

- The level of Cristiano Ronaldo versus the level of Fernando Torres
Cristiano Ronaldo's performance appears to be low these days, and Real Madrid can not live without the Portuguese star, and the form that Sazarh in this meeting will be very important for the result, he is the player who is capable of decisiveness at the moment.

Another player is very important in today's meeting, a Fernando Torres Diego Simeone declared essential to the game, and plan Atletico Madrid and the way his attacks rely too much on top of his lance performance, Flo regained El Nino beautiful memories there will be danger for Atletico Madrid, but regained its level in Chelsea, there will be a problem the owner of the land!

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