Why Mourinho says Messi now?

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho to Chelsea's Premier League leaders Football Association said he did not see in front of the Blues a chance to sign a player can fetch up to 200 million euros.

Unlike previous opinions when he was coach of Real Madrid, "the Sbchal and" Description Macy new as this time.

In Tsriht journalist quoted by the Daily Mail British Mourinho said of Messi: "Super player and an amazing price super amazingly well, we can not buy."

Mourinho added: "We do not have the slightest chance of that."

He attributed the Blues boss said: "In light of the financial fair play rules applied by the European Union, the Chelsea can not meet the conditions and can not pay the required amount in the Macy whatever conditions improved, even if approved Barcelona on sales and agreed Messi to come to the west of London."

It is noteworthy that Mourinho fought Barcelona and Messi war fierce during his time at Real Madrid, and he always emphasizes that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best stages of Messi, but the relationship soured his compatriot before his departure he said in a famous statement later: "There Ronaldo one Genuine is Brazilian."

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