Ronaldo leads Real Madrid to sweep Almeria before the World Cup clubs

Real Madrid team returned triumphantly deserved away win over Almeria four goals against a goal in the game that both teams gathered Friday evening at the opening of the 15th round competitions of the Spanish league.

Royal Group Isco and Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice goals scored in minutes 34, 42, 81 and 88 respectively, while Fierza scored the only owners of the land in the 39th minute.

Rial and raise his tally to 39 points in the first place, upping their lead to Ouija before traveling to Morocco to contest the World Cup for clubs, while Almeria stuck at 15 points in seventeenth place.

The first half was more exciting, was not a significant difference between the two teams, but the rial was the best and most dangerous on goal, that ESCO succeeded in opening the score reel cross from the right front, received by the ESCO and rip off, striking the ball directly into the right corner.

Progress Almirengji not confuse Almeria team and his players, but they succeeded in embarrassing the Royal Group, and equalized quickly rebounds on the edge of the area, Fierza direct shot into the right corner of Iker Casillas.

Excitement lasted the first 45 minutes, and a cross from the right front, Gareth Bale elevated and put his head in the right corner, to re-offer the riyal again before the end of the first half to three minutes.

Almeria team missed a golden opportunity to embarrass his opponent and positive outcome, where the player Fierza missed a penalty kick, saved by Iker Casillas in the 62nd minute.

Strained nerves of the players, the most famous referee yellow card eight times, in the face of the Quartet Real Madrid Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Asier Illarramendi, Marcelo, and two players Almeria Fierza, Sebastian Dobarber, Fernando Soriano, Francisco Velez.

The performance of the hosts improved in the second half, and pressured a lot in search of an equalizer, but the Real Madrid defense, led by steel Pepe and Rafael Paran thwarted all attempts to shake the net Almeria, begins to despair creep in the minds of his players.

Real Madrid took advantage of the opportunity, and the state of complete surrender to the team Almeria, Ronaldo and succeeded in adding two goals lifted their tally to 25 goals in La Liga, it's counterattack Bill triple play ball to Benzema and Ronaldo to him, easy to put the ball in the net.

Then zap Danny Carpakhal easily in defense Almeria, playing a cross received by Ronaldo shot straight to score the fourth goal, then saved the guard Almeria conceded one goal investigator wasted wing Welsh Bird Gareth Bale, before the referee called the final whistle announcing broad and deserved victory for Real.

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