Real Madrid attack Model 2014 does not shove his dust !!

There is no doubt that the tone of grief that accompanied the voice of Florentino Perez announcement about the departure of Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid in the summer of last year, 2013 is still stuck in the mind some a moment everyone was with the thought that Real Madrid may come back again to the cycle of lean years after him.

But it soon proved behind the Portuguese in coaching Madrid's Club, Carlo Ancelotti, large value and what the team has achieved a deficit Mourinho himself throughout his three years in the White team training and talk about the tournament undoubtedly "tenth."

Ancelotti successes not only at ten but also achieved my title King of Spain Cup and the European Super Cup, as well as Real Madrid put on the throne of the old continent to be the strongest team the testimony of many of the company of Bayern Munich.

In spite of his nationality that suggest defensive force, but the Italian Ancelotti gave Real Madrid strike force superhero made him the most powerful line of attack in the Spanish league season elapsed with 104 goals and the strongest in this season as well.

After 14 rounds of the current season passing record in the Spanish La Liga Real Madrid attack 51 goals for an average of 3.6 goals per game, the highest figure not only in Spain but also in Europe and the world.

In this figure Real Madrid beats Tahedivia closer Mlahakah in La Liga Barcelona, who scored his attack only 36 goal while also beats the Leaderboard prominent European Leagues Kpairn Munich leaders of the German league (33 goals), Chelsea leaders the Premier League (34 goals), Juventus leaders Calcio (30 goals), and finally the French league leaders Marseille (36 goals).

And talk about the power of Real Madrid is not just a powerful offensive capabilities unforgiving throw opponents even talk also extends to reach the diversification of the team and its goals attack.

Ferial Madrid scored 57% of its goals this season in the league (29 goals) to play open with record 16% (8 goals) from set-pieces as well as 14% (7 goals) than rebounds and the same percentage and the number of targets to mark the box that was Cristiano Ronaldo her hero.

The top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid in La Liga with 23 goals, followed by the French international Karim Benzema, who scored 8 goals to complete the Welshman Gareth Bale trilogy offensive force Almadridah known as "BBC", scoring 6 goals.

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