Neymar reveals the vote in the Golden Globe nominations

Detection Brazilian Neymar da Silva Barcelona striker, he voted for his teammate, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid player, the other Argentine in the ranks of Barca Javier Mascherano, respectively, in the nominations Golden Ball for the best player in 2014.

Neymar voted in the selection of candidates for the award for the first time in his capacity as commander of the Brazilian national team, and revealed his choice in an interview with Channel (Globo) TV, which offered excerpts last night that the full broadcast Sunday.

Messi came in first place in the nominations, followed by Cristiano then Mascherano, who was not selected in the final list of candidates for the prize, which included along with "Flea" and "Don" goalkeeper Germany and Bayern Munich Manuel Neuer.

Through the interview, Neymar allowed cameras to one of the Brazilian channels for the first time to enter his residence in Barcelona, where he prepared for the physical and physiotherapist who contracted with them to help him at home to raise his fitness and speed up the pace of recovery from the injuries suffered by her.

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