Mourinho regrets Liverpool exit from the Champions League

He Jose Mourinho, coach of the English Chelsea delighted qualifying Arsenal and Manchester City to the price of The English Champions League final football, stressing) that he would like to catch up with the representatives of Liverpool (Premier League Champions in the second innings.

Mourinho said "I would qualify for Liverpool" to the final price, as the "continuation of the English teams in the tournament is good for the Premier League," and at a press conference after winning the Lisbon three goals to one to qualify at the top of Group G to the last 16 of the Champions.

Mourinho also expressed his feelings of regret after the departure of the team Sporting Lisbon of the tournament, and qualified Schalke instead.

Mourinho said the network "Sky Sports" TV after the game: "Our performance was at the top of the seriousness and focus. I am happy with that. But I feel sorry for Sporting, you may wish to qualify."

He expressed Mourinho delighted strong level presented by the players, adding, "We had a lot of opportunities, we played very seriously, and well I'm very happy. The players who do not participate on a regular basis, such as Felipe Luis or Horlh provided a good level, as well as those who used to play on a regular basis, such as Cesc and Matic. "

And his opponent in the next round, commented, "We have five potential competitors, and the draw is that will be resolved. Paris destination good for the fans, but all tough teams .. Basel beat us on other occasions."

He explained, "the big teams still in the tournament, Liverpool came out only. Now begins the real competition the Champions League. What will happen? I do not know. It is certain that we were among the top four teams last year," when he came out of the semi-finals at the hands of Atletico Madrid.

He pointed out that striker Diego Costa "play well .. level rose during the meeting, it seemed confidence. Still he must raise his fitness, but he sought to get the ball consistently, and the form of bilateral well with Cesc."

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