MAT facing experience Auckland in the opening World Cup clubs

Mows MAT and Auckland City New Zealand World Cup matches bar clubs which regulates Morocco from December 10 to 20 thereof, and the opening match will take place today Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat, and a Yemeni every booking card team to qualify to meet the ES Setif in the next round.

Realizes represented Africa and Oceania, the task will not be easy, as the opening matches our return they are often difficult, with enthusiasm and strength will be among the most important attributes of the two teams.

And between MAT and Auckland City several points of difference highlighted by the team of New Zealand has great experiences in Mondiyalah competition, given that he is preparing for the sixth time, while explores the representative of Moroccan football for the first time this competition, and discover its secrets after he was crowned champion of Morocco in the last season.

Although the team New Zealand experience but realizes that the game will not be easy nor furnished with flowers, as previously failed to win the Moroccan team in a copy of last season, when he lost in the opening match against Raja Casablanca 2-1, so it is feared that the same scene is repeated on Wednesday Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat, Morocco in front of Tetouan.

In contrast to the Auckland City, the MAT lacks the experience and expertise, but it will be armed with a function both of the earth and the public, which is given a very important stand alongside champion Morocco, especially as the Moroccan public will be behind Alttoanyen similar to please in the last season, which was supporting the Moroccan masses that contributed to the The final attainable.

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