Horlh announce his departure from Chelsea in January

He André Schürrle Chelsea player was delighted with the performance provided by the team to Sporting Lisbon on Wednesday, adding that he is not thinking about leaving the club during the coming period.

Horlh said after the game: "We needed a win after losing to Newcastle, we have provided a good match against Sporting Lisbon."

He added: "I can score more goals, but I am happy Bahraza the goal following a period is not a positive for me, Yaktna not as I want, but I am happy to performance in general, we can make Altdor process and making changes, we have a great team."

He continued: "I do not fear one, if we play our own way will beat any one".

And the possibility of his departure from the team during the winter transfer window, said: "I laugh a lot of those rumors, I am happy with Chelsea, Mourinho wants to help me and my staying on evolution."

It is noteworthy that Chelsea may qualify sixteen round of the Champions League, after the victory over Sporting Lisbon club on Wednesday 3-1 in a pulsating sixth round and the last role groups.

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