Barcelona seeks to renew the contract of Neymar until 2020

Brazilian striker Neymar today said he will continue with his team Barcelona for "a long time", as he emphasized his agent Wagner Ribeiro Catalan club's desire to extend the contract until the 2020's.

Ribeiro told reporters during the opening of the Institute holds Neymar name in the vicinity of the city of Santos, the Brazilian city of Praia Grande "Barcelona certainly wants to renew his contract until 2020".

For his part, pointed Neymar without talking directly about the issue of renewal to the desire to continue for "a long time" with Barcelona, stressing his pleasure at the Spanish club.

The talk on the sidelines of the opening of a private institution Bnimar to help the poor children in his hometown of Praia Grande, Sao Paulo state.

Will Neymar Jr. Institute stakes free in football, volleyball, swimming, judo, basketball, reading, language, music, dance and computers for about two thousand and 300 children between the ages of 7 and 14 years.

It contains Institute on football and building playground, and shares the player with 25 million reais ($ 9.2 million).

Neymar said in remarks to reporters at the opening, "I used to live just blocks from the square here, we have not had opportunities in our childhood. This (API) as a large door so that we can provide opportunities for the people living here."

He explained the father of Neymar, the institute does not plan to carry out the task of catching talent, in order to discover new players among the children who will be cared for the institution.

The Institute will accept only children from families with less than a monthly income of 140 riyals ($ 51) per person, which live in the poor neighborhoods of Eight in Praia Grande.

The Institute will ask the kids have spoken regularly to school and attend at least 90% of the shares at a minimum.

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