Ancelotti: We look forward to the end of the year title Almundialito

Expressed the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid desire to win over Almeria in the last games the team won the league in 2014, and the coronation is retiring from clubs in Morocco, in order to end what he described as "a wonderful year", witnessed the coronation of the team title tenth in the Champions League as well as winning the King's Cup.

He said, "Whatever happens in the coming matches, will end the year's great Real Madrid. We would like to finish it well, by winning as we do in the latter part of the season. Rate This team is very high for his this year."

It will be the first experiment, subject to the lifting of the successive victories of the team to 19 wins, hosted by Almeria. It is expected Almirengji coach tough match in front of an enthusiastic competitor after the change of technical management.

He warned coach of the Italian saying: "As always happens against a team struggling and coach this week, will bear the players responsibility further and will be a very tough game. Real good at the moment, it was our recovery well because we did not make a great effort in the Champions League because we are excelling numerically" in reference to the win over Bulgarian Odugoritz first continental Tuesday.

When asked about the decision to sack the coach Almeria Francisco, Ancelotti said he was pained to this matter, but added that it is a law that does not change, in reference to the departure of the coaches as soon as the deterioration of the results.

Ancelotti is preparing for the World Cup clubs hoping to restore the Colombian James Rodriguez in the final, if the team reached, the meeting, which also dreamed that inflicted by the German Sami Khedira. He said, "Khedira travels because he has a permit for a medical on Monday. I do not think it will be available in the semi-final, but in the final yes."

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