11 fact you summarize the role of the groups in the European league

(SICT) concluded competitions the group stage of the European championship, where 24 teams qualified for the second round, and 8 teams will join them occupied the third place in the group stage of the Champions League, raising the quorum to 32 teams participating in the next round.

Because the European championship does not have the large worldwide media coverage, we summarize for you all here in fact 11:

- Qualifying teams are: Borussia Moenchengladbach and VfL Wolfsburg (Germany), Villarreal and Sevilla (Spain), Tottenham and Everton (England), Napoli, Fiorentina and Torino and Inter Milan (Italy), Guinjamb (France), Dynamo Moscow (Russia), PSV and Feyenoord (Netherlands), Dynamo Kiev and Dnipro (Ukraine), Bashtakash and Trabzon Spor (Turkey), Club Brugge (Belgium), Red Bull Salzburg (Austria), Celtic (Scotland), Aalborg BK (Denmark), Legia Warsaw (Poland), Young Boys (Switzerland) .

He will join them from the Champions League by: Liverpool - Rome - Olympiakos - Zenit Petersburg - Anderlecht - Ajax - Sporting Lisbon - Athletic Bilbao.

- The only team which achieved a perfect score in the first round is Dynamo Moscow, and the remarkable thing is also that won all their matches behind one goal only, note that it includes players such as German Kuranyi and former Manchester United player Batner addition to the best Hungarian player in recent years Palace Jojak veteran Yuri Zhirkov former Chelsea player.

- All teams registered targets, all well received, but the strongest offensive is Red Bull Salzburg, who scored 21 goals, while the defense was the strongest Club Brugge and Milan and Legia Warsaw, where he received a box each of them only twice.

- Italy will have five teams in the Round of 32, which is the largest representation in this role.

- One team who played the semi-finals last tournament to be present in the 32 role; defending champions Sevilla, while Valencia and Benfica, Juventus Evger present this time.

- Top scorer in the tournament so far Brazilian now Douglas, where he scored eight goals in five games, and took his tally in the tournament history to 19 goals, and he needs three goals to become among the top 10 scorers in the history of (this includes records in the Europa League and UEFA Cup previously).

- Was activated item direct confrontations in only one group, the group is No. 12, which qualified her Trabzon Spore, taking advantage of its superiority over Belgian Lucerne beating them back and forth with him draw.

- Dnipro Ukrainian team is the most roughness, where you get to 20 players on a yellow card and one red, while Naples is the king of fair play exposure to the players for four yellow cards only.

- According to the transfer market sites, some players have picked up more than others of attention during the tournament, and on top of those Kevin Campbell Slovenian sparkling with Red Bull Salzburg, which is said to Southampton is trying to buy it in the winter.

- Ukraine's Dynamo Kiev in the ranks of Andrei Jarmolinko is more than making goals (5 goals), while more than making a difference unrealized registration is Kevin de Bruin star Wolfsburg, where he participated in Saah (29 unrealized opportunity to score).

- According to statistics from the official European Union; Borussia Moenchengladbach with the largest number of correct passes (3401) and the highest passing accuracy (92%), while more, paying off the home team among those who had the Red Bull Salzburg (60 bid), and the more the team hit the bar and those who had Dynamo Moscow (7 times).

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